Friday, March 2, 2012


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It may no surprise to many of us that social media websites can easily become addictive. We plan to go on, check things out for a set amount of time and then be done. Well, that set time likes to slip away from us and turn in to quite a bit longer than we had planned. A recent study by PR Web states that 82% of respondents admitted to staying online for longer than intended. One third of those respondents said they gained a high level of satisfaction from being online.  One of the hottest social media sites to surface since Facebook is a site called Pinterest

For those of you who are not familiar with Pinterest, I will give you a quick run down.  Pinterest was thought up in a coffee shop and sketched out on a napkin.  It is a giant online virtual pin board.  The first catch tactic is that you cannot just "sign up" you have to be "invited."  That right there is a thrill inside itself, the fact that it seems to be exclusive.  Once the Pinterest sorority decides you are worthy, they send you an acceptance email.  Once accepted you will see at the top there are categories, some of these being: Architecture, Fitness, Food, Home Decor, Humor, Women'a and Men's Apparel, Outdoors, Photography, Science, Sports, Technology, Travel, and Weddings.  

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You can select what interests you most out of that list, and from that Pinterest gives you a news feed on your main screen showing you what others are pinning in those categories. Next, you get a message reading “Happy Pinning.”  The only problem is, how happy are users after they have realized 20 minutes as turned into hours.  

The states that a recent study by Sharaholic showed Pinterest drove more referral traffic last month than Google plus, Youtube and Linkedin combined.  Most husbands will complain and tell you that their wives spend way too much time on Pinterest.  Don’t be mistaken husbands, you too, will find things you like on Pinterest.  My husband didn’t believe me, so I showed him. Big mistake.  I have even read Facebook posts stating “Great, they blocked Pinterest at work, now what am I supposed to do all day?” This is when someone should probably suggest they have themselves a little “pintervention.”

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